How does the quality of the food I order from S2D Grocery Delivery Service compare to what I can find at my local grocery store?
You will find the quality of the products exactly the same as your local grocery store because that is where we get your groceries, from the local grocery store of your choice.
Do you shop at grocery’s like SM, Victorias, Sunshine, Tiongsan etc?
Yes, Like we said, we are giving you the complete freedom of choosing your favorite grocery store. We also purchase special orders like for your cakes, party needs, and so with clothing in your preferred stores.
Can I trust S2D Grocery Delivery Service to pick my meat, product and other fresh foods?

Absolutely!Our shoppers will shop for your meats, product and other fresh foods just as if they were shopping for themselves, including checking for the latest expiration date. If we don't feel that it's good enough for us, why would it be good enough for you? We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we believe that if you are not a satisfied customer then you wont be a repeat customer and repeat customers are the livelihood of our business.
Can I purchase alcohol, tobacco and Lottery Games?
YES however S2D Grocery Delivery Service Believes in keeping our children safe and without addiction. Because of this, we will ask that only ages 18 and above are allowed to receive the order which is legal age to purchase alcohol, tobacco and lottery games.

Can I use coupons?
YES, however it will be necessary for us to pick up your coupons prior to shopping for your groceries. There may be an additional charge to pick up the coupons that you provide to us prior to shopping. To determine if there is an additional charge for this service, please call your local s2d Grocery Delivery Service first If S2D Grocery Delivery Service already has coupons for specific items that you are  ordering, we will use those coupons to save you money on the purchase of your groceries. However, S2D Grocery Delivery Service will keep 50% of the savings from the coupons that we have provided for your order. For example, if we provide a coupon specific to an item on your order and that coupon is valued at Php 100, we will keep Php 50 of the savings & you will reap the savings of Php 50 on your grocery order. We both win!

Why doesn’t S2D Grocery Delivery Service provide a list of products available with pictures and prices?
The reason why we do not list product categories, pictures and prices is because S2D Grocery Delivery Service shops at the store of your choice. With many of individual grocery stores that carry millions of different products, it would be virtually impossible for us to list every product that every store within the Baguio City carries, along with their individual prices. Unlike other grocery delivery services, who allow you to shop from their selection of items, in their warehouse products or have an exclusive partnership with one particular store. We believe in giving the customer the freedom of choice, and along with that freedom of choice is the freedom of choosing the actual products you want as well as the particular grocery store that they come from. For more information regarding products lines please visit us at 01 Quezon Hill Rd. 2 corner Naguilian Rd. Baguio City. Or E-mail us at

How specific do I have to be on my grocery list?
Because we want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience of using s2d grocery delivery, we ask that you be as specific as possible with your grocery list. With millions of individual grocery items available, product description, when necessary, is important. We want to be sure that we get it right for you for the first time and every time! Our tips for you is to indicate the following:
1.    Quantity
2.    Product Name
3.    Brand Name
4.    Size such as (ml, oz, kg, etc) if possible
Example: 1 Toothpaste colgate total 12 100ml

Will you substitute items that might not be available?
Yes, unless you specify otherwise! To ensure that your order is completed to your satisfaction, our professional, personal shoppers will use the following guidelines when making substitutions:

1.) If you do not specify a particular brand when you order, the s2d grocery delivery personal shopper will carefully select one that is of good quality.
2.) If a specific size is not listed, the medium size will be selected.
3.) If the product is out of stock, we will first try to substitute with a different size of the identical product. The next size smaller is selected over the next size larger unless otherwise specified.
4.) If we cannot change size, we will substitute a different comparable brand of the same product.
5.) If it is not possible to substitute a size or name brand, the item will be deleted from the order, and you will be informed at the time of delivery. s2d grocery delivery cannot be held responsible for out of stock items.

If you would prefer to not have products substituted or if you would prefer to not have certain products substituted, please indicate this information when placing your order

Are there any other fees?
S2d grocery delivery service will charge additional fees for such instances as returned item/items or re-delivery. An additional Php 150.00 charge will be imposed for this service that needs to be re-delivered due to the customer not being available for the original delivery time.
What are your delivery hours?
The s2d grocery delivery service delivers at the time of your request however we are in a first come first serve basis yet we will still make our best  to meet your preferred time. We also suggest you to have an advance order or at least  make an  order at 7 pm to have an early reservation on a delivery slot time the next day or the day after tomorrow.

What are your shopping and delivery fees?
We have a fixed rate charge of Php 150.00 of delivery service plus 6% of the total amount your grocery Thinking of spending also in your transportation, gas or parking fees is also the same the only difference is you can save time doing your favorite hobby or your work if you are a busy person. We will also provide you the original receipt of your grocery from your favorite grocery store, we don’t include minimum orders, for you to have the freedom in choosing what you only want.

How long will it take for me to get my order?
In areas that we provide service, generally we can we offer next-day delivery (if the next-day is a normal delivery day) and in some cases, same-day delivery may be available. However, all available delivery times are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and popular times do fill quickly. We do ask that place your order by 7:00 p.m. the night before to better ensure next-day delivery. We do however recommend placing your order several days before your desired delivery date if it is at all possible. You may even place your order up to one week in advance. We will give you the time of delivery.

What if I receive my order and realize that I ordered the wrong item or I receive an item I didn't order?
Complete customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Along with your grocery order, we give you the act al receipt from the store so you are able to make returns or exchanges. If the mistake is ours, we will make it right by returning or exchanging the product for you, or arranging credit on that or a future order.

Does it take a long time to place an order?
No because you don't have to search through pages of products, we do not have a "virtual aisles" for you to waste time searching. Because We shop at the grocery store of your choice, it would be nearly impossible for s2d to separrate each store, the particular products that they carry and their individual prices. We assume that you may know what you want, where you want it from and about how much it's going to cost. Simply type out your grocery list and submit it through  text 0918-222-3378, phone call 074-442-3378 or email at

Can I change  my delivery time after I have placed my order?
Yes, but you must call s2d grocery delivery service  office  to make the change at least 3 hours  before the scheduled delivery time. Sending an email or sending a text message will not be sufficient enough to stop your grocery order from being  processed.

Do I need to be home to receive a delivery?
Unless other arrangements have been made, someone must be home to receive your order and pay for the groceries and service. Your groceries are shopped for an individual basis, meaning that we do not shop for anyone else's order at the same time yours. If no one is available  to receive your order , your groceries will be stored appropriately, but you may subjected to re-delivery fee.

How do I pay for my order?
s2d grocery delivery service makes paying for your groceries easy. when your groceries are delivered you may pay by cash, or check. You may even pay in advance if desired.
Some special  circumstances  s2d grocery delivery may require  to serve the right  to request  a good  faith  deposit to be placed toward the purchase of your groceries and delivery fee for our financial protection.
What if I receive my order and realize that I ordered wrong item or I receive an item I didn't order?
Complete customer satisfaction is our number one goal.  Along  with your grocery order, we give you  the actual  receipt from the store so you are able to make returns or exchanges. If the mistakes   is our, we will make it right by returning or exchanging the product for you, or arranging  credit  on that  or a future  order.

Can s2d grocery delivery service refuse my order?
s2d grocery  delivery service does reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.
Can I tip the rider who delivers my items?
Though gratuities are greatly appreciated, they are both optional and completely at your discretion.
What if I am not happy with an item in my order?
If. for reason, you are dissatisfied with an item, you may return the item to the store with the grocery store receipt that we provide to you. If it happens to be our mistake, we will reimburse you at the  time of the delivery or during the next delivery. s2d grocery delivery service  will do whatever it takes within reason to make sure you are completely satisfied with our own service.
Can I shop for relatives if I stay in another address?
Certainly! as long as  you have your membership card or  the person  for whom you are shopping lives within one of our delivery areas, you can shop for them and even pay for their  orders in advance.

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